Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Cabinet and Sink Refinishing Buffalo New York

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Q: What should be done to prepare for re-glazing surfaces?
A: Tubs should be reasonably clean, drain working properly, and very important: the faucet must not leak/drip. Remove personal effects (shampoo, soap, etc). Take down shower curtain or doors.

Q: What should be expected, when having a tub re-glazed?
A: We remove all old caulking around perimeter edges, perform all prep work, install anti-slip bottom, completely re-glaze (white, biscuit, etc.) followed by a fresh bead of bio-seal caulking around all perimeter edges.

Q: What is involved when doing wall tile in tub surround?
A: All processes still apply to tub work, wall tile grout lines must be in good shape, no loose tiles or missing grout. If needed, these repairs must be done prior to re-glazing. This process takes about eight to nine hours of service time, and return to 24 hours after completion.


Q: What should be done to prepare for countertop refinishing?
A: All personal effects must be removed from the countertop. It’s a good idea to pack a cooler; you likely won’t be able to get to the fridge until that evening, because the kitchen will be out of use for the entire day. Most countertops completed in one long day, return to light-duty 24 hours after completion. Wait 72 hours for heavy or hot objects to be placed on countertops. Sink and stove can be used the morning after services. (Note: If backsplash also being done, 24 hours dry time needed to re-mask.